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here are a few things i find humorous or somewhat noteworthy about our new apartment:

  • we have two microwaves. no, that’s not even the best part. we didn’t even realize that we have two microwaves until today (saturday) and we moved in on wednesday
  • my mom bought new dishwashing powerball things; we’re not used to the ones with the plastic wrapping but rather the gel wrapped ones that you just throw into the dishwasher, so our first round of dishes were simply hot water rinsed
  • i have to hold my breath when i take out the trash to the trash chute
  • the second day of living here, i almost took out one of my rearview mirrors with a cement pillar – whoops
  • bringing my own comforter and pillows has made sleeping SO much more pleasurable
  • all of the seats in the apartment are super low; if my oma comes over for dinner, we’ll have to get her a booster seat 😉
  • well, the couch is nice…we’re actually contemplating stealing it…shhhhh…..
  • one of our neighbors across the way occasionally comes out onto his balcony to smoke. he always looks really sad and pensive. i should think of a name for him. smokey, probably.
  • my stepdad finally set up wireless internet which means that i’ll be going to into hibernation in my room for the next two months or however long we’re here for
  • the people here are really nice; at least the people i’ve met in the elevator who do the required “what floor?” thing
  • my room smells funky and i keep spraying it with my perfume to get it to smell like me but it’s not working out too well; i practically gag before falling asleep every night
  • i do, however, enjoy the proximity to a) the center with the restaurant i want to work at (earn), b) my bank (save), c) the mall (SPEND!!!!). we’re literally across the street from all 3. and the hospital. you know, just in case..
that’s basically all i have to discuss today. i’ve been hanging out with lots of friends lately, which i think will be good for me. i saw the help today and it was really good. sad, angering, and for the most part really hysterical. i recommend it. and emma stone is just adorable but who didn’t already know that?

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