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here are a few things i find humorous or somewhat noteworthy about our new apartment:

  • we have two microwaves. no, that’s not even the best part. we didn’t even realize that we have two microwaves until today (saturday) and we moved in on wednesday
  • my mom bought new dishwashing powerball things; we’re not used to the ones with the plastic wrapping but rather the gel wrapped ones that you just throw into the dishwasher, so our first round of dishes were simply hot water rinsed
  • i have to hold my breath when i take out the trash to the trash chute
  • the second day of living here, i almost took out one of my rearview mirrors with a cement pillar – whoops
  • bringing my own comforter and pillows has made sleeping SO much more pleasurable
  • all of the seats in the apartment are super low; if my oma comes over for dinner, we’ll have to get her a booster seat 😉
  • well, the couch is nice…we’re actually contemplating stealing it…shhhhh…..
  • one of our neighbors across the way occasionally comes out onto his balcony to smoke. he always looks really sad and pensive. i should think of a name for him. smokey, probably.
  • my stepdad finally set up wireless internet which means that i’ll be going to into hibernation in my room for the next two months or however long we’re here for
  • the people here are really nice; at least the people i’ve met in the elevator who do the required “what floor?” thing
  • my room smells funky and i keep spraying it with my perfume to get it to smell like me but it’s not working out too well; i practically gag before falling asleep every night
  • i do, however, enjoy the proximity to a) the center with the restaurant i want to work at (earn), b) my bank (save), c) the mall (SPEND!!!!). we’re literally across the street from all 3. and the hospital. you know, just in case..
that’s basically all i have to discuss today. i’ve been hanging out with lots of friends lately, which i think will be good for me. i saw the help today and it was really good. sad, angering, and for the most part really hysterical. i recommend it. and emma stone is just adorable but who didn’t already know that?

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holy moly guacamole

first off, i officially like avocados! i’ve never really had them in a substantial quantity before and, now that i have, i’m totally putting them on sandwiches and things instead of mayo!

so much has happened since i last updated. my vacation in oregon was really fun but i’m glad to be back home in california. i really am a california girl and don’t think i will ever live anywhere else. my house flooded while my parents were on a cruise in the caribbean. 8000 gallons in 7 days; $80k in damages; water ruined the floors and 5 feet up the walls. ridiculous! we finally just found a 2 bed 2 bath apartment with a den (3rd bed) in the next city over so thank god we’re not going to be homeless forever. we move in on wednesday and will be there for 2+ months – right into my senior year. yaaaaay.

for the time being, my mom and stepdad have been staying in a hotel and enjoying using our insurance to eat out every night, but they’re quickly getting sick of it and wanting a home cooked meal. my sister and i have been staying with my mom’s parents about 20 minutes away from our house.

20110807-084001.jpgi went stand-up paddle boarding for the first time yesterday. it was actually totally fun and i’m really glad i didn’t act like myself and sit on the sidelines watching everyone else do it. i give a lot of the credit to my baby cousin who forced me to go out there with her. last night i got into a shouting match (via text of course) with my ex-boyfriend. it didn’t accomplish anything other than making me feel worse hahaha. ugh. what are ya gonna do, though. whatever. today, my mom (technically state farm insurance, hahaha) treated all of us to an $82 lunch by the beach. then, we walked by the beach and got some gelato.

it was such a beautiful today that i actually decided that i want to do a beach day tomorrow! so, again totally out of character for me, i texted my 3 best friends and asked them if they wanted to join me. i rarely ever hang out with other people because i have social issues, and i’m never the one to make plans with others. one of my friends is coming to town to hang with me and my other friend might join! i’m actually really excited and not worried about my body at all. i know they love me regardless of what i look like and i just miss them so much. i have only seen one friend since school let out – it’s bad.

the friend that might join me tomorrow invited me to this bonfire that she’s going to tomorrow night. my ex might be there so i think i’m going to have to pass…. 😉

oh, and i’m getting my tragus pierced in november.

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